About Galileo Records

Galileo Records is a Progressive Rock label / publishing company based in Grenchen, Switzerland.

Its activities started in 1998/1999. Konny Eisenring from Black Rills Records and Patrick Becker saw an astonishing then new French band at a festival in France. As they both were captured by the sound they heard there, they decided to contact the band. After their brilliant performance at the festival they wanted to know if they had a label and the answer was "no, we haven't, nobody is interested in an all instrumental band". So Konny and Patrick agreed to found a label to release XANG's debut.
A name for the label had to be chosen. After a few brainstorming sessions they decided to go for Galileo Records. This because Galileo Galilei was an incredible man who, as you know, realised and affirmed that our earth is a globe and not a disk. As his ideas were too 'progressive' for his time, he had to abjure to his affirmations. He did, but still he was right...

Just after Galileo Records had signed its second band - METAPHOR - Konny quit Galileo Records. Since then the company is lead by Patrick Becker who went forward strongly and established Galileo Records well in the Progressive Rock scene.

In 2005, Patrick went one step further and set up Galileo Records LLC, a company registered with the Swiss commercial register.

The goal of the company is to give Prog bands a fair chance to release their music all over the world. To this end, Galileo records has concluded license and distribution agreements for most relevant markets.

Galileo Records is able to sells CD's through its online store. If you are interested to have your music listed in our shop, please contact us.

So far following CD's were released:

GR040 - CLESPYDRA - Alone (Remastered)
GR039 - CLESPYDRA - Fears (Remastered)
GR038 - CLESPYDRA - More Grains of Sand (Remastered)
GR037 - CLESPYDRA - Hologram (Remastered)
GR036 - SKY ARCHITECT - Billion Years of Solitude
GR035 - ZENIT - The Chandrasekhar Limit

GR034 - THE GREEN VIOLINIST - More Thrill and Never Ending Blessings
GR033 - THIS MISERY GARDEN - Cornerstone
(will not be released)
GR032 - CRIS ROVERSI - AntiQua
GR031 - W.O.F - Search the Truth
GR030 - SOUL SECRET - Closer to Daylight
GR029 - MY NAME IS JANET - Red Room Blue
GR028 - ENNEADE - Teardrops in Morning Dew
GR027 - SKY ARCHITECT - A Dying man's Hymn
GR026 - ATTO IV - Shattered Lines
GR025 - DAEDALUS - Motherland
GR024 - GRAN TORINO - grantorinoProg
GR023 - SKY ARCHITECT - Excavations of the Mind
GR022 - FRAMEPICTURES - Remember it
GR021 Was reserved for TANGENT PLANE - Project Elimi
GR020 - THIS MISERY GARDEN - Another great Day on Earth
GR019 - JOLLY - Forty Six Minutes, Twelve Seconds of Music
GR017 - DAEDALUS - The never ending illusion
GR016 - MOONGARDEN - Songs from the Lighthouse
GR015 - SIMON SAYS - Tardigrade
GR014 - PRISMA - Collusion
GR013 - HEART OF SUN - Same
GR012 - XANG - The last of the lasts
GR011 - EX-VAGUS - Âmes Vagabondes
GR010 - T - Voices
GR009 - BELIEVE - Hope to see another day
GR008 - MOONGARDEN - Round Midnight now OOP
GR007 - SIMON SAYS - Paradise Square now OOP
GR006 - T - Naive
GR005 - THONK - Earth Vision Impact
GR004 - SCYTHE - Divorced Land
GR003 - FORGOTTEN SUNS - Fiction Edge 1 now OOP
GR002 - METAPHOR - Starfooted now OOP
GR001 - XANG - Destiny of a Dream now OOP