THE GREEN VIOLINIST - More Thrill & Never Ending Blessing

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Can you hear the elves in the wood or can you even see them? The Green Violinist start their new album "More thrill and never-ending blessings" dreamy, playfully and like in a fairytale. From there, the music goes on quietly flowing and full of wonderful harmonies. The songs will catch your attention. Vincent Dufresne, leader and songwriter of the band, admits he was inspired by the painting of famous artist Marc Chagall "The Green Violinist". He managed to catch the spirit of the picture in an incredible way and to transfer it into the music. The result is a wonderful collection of Neoprog-songs containing its fair share of acoustic moments (guitar, piano and obviously violins). But the range goes further including electronic, almost trance-like songs that take you into another world. So there is much to look forward to 2013 when the album will be published. 

1. The Great Scapegoat Seeking (6:24)
2. Velvet Road (6:17)
3. Shy People (4:55)
4. Do Worry Be Sad (13:22)
5. Human Connection (4:06)
6. Any Words You Say Won't Be Enough (3:37)
7. Bad Inheritance (a song to cure) (6:33)