SKY ARCHITECT - A dying man's hymn

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Second album by this young emerging dutch band. Their debut "Excavations of the mind" was amongst the 10 best prog albums for 2010. Stay tuned as this album is going further than the debut...

Treebird (9:15)
Melody of the air - expositio (6:16)
The Campfire Ghost' Song (10:01)
Woodcutters Vile (12:59)
Melody of the Air - explicatio (11:15)
The Breach (11:05)
Hitodama's Return (6:38)
Melody of the Air - recapitulatio (4:39)
A dying man's hymn (5:12)

Tom Luchies – lead vocals // backing vocals // electric guitars
Wabe Wieringa – electric guitars // acoustic guitars
Rik van Honk – backing vocals // grand piano // vintage keys and synths
Guus van Mierlo – bass-guitar
Christiaan Bruin – backing vocals // drums

After their stunning debut yet another remarkable album. Excellent music, both complex and melodic!
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