Demo Submission

If you'd like to send us a demo of your band, or the band you're representing, please follow the instructions listed below. The Demo Policy: We do listen to every submission that comes to Galileo Records GmbH although it can take some time for us to get to listen to them all. If we like the demo we will contact you. On the othe hand if we don't like it, we will not contact you. This policy is the result of both a heavy workload and severe time restraint. Please send a Compact Disc. Do not send any other formats like Video Cassettes, Mini-Discs, DATs, MP3s, or Vinyl as they are not accepted for submitting music. Also, send all the contact information possible along with your package (phone, fax, address, e-mail, etc.) so that if we like it, we'll be able to contact you quickly and easily.

Please send 2 copies to:

Patrick Becker
Räbacher 17
2544 Bettlach

Stefan Schalch
Säntisstrasse 59
8304 Wallisellen