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“I had wanted to dedicate myself completely to a solo album for some time now, totally free to go where I might, independent of market or stylistic pressures. A proverbial flight of fancy as it were. An album in which I could let my influences shine through without having to prove anything to anyone and one in which I didn’t have to crank up the volume. AntiQua is a strange land where time flows at a more natural pace, I don’t really know if it’s on our planet, or even if it exists in the past, present or future, near or far…AntiQua manifests when we need it, every time we give in to dreams and forget about the daily grind. It is a goblet of wine in a candlelit tavern. It certainly did me a world of good, a brief trip to land governed by antique ideals of beauty and harmony. I hope it may accompany the quietest and sweetest moments of your existence as it has mine.”
Cristiano Roversi

1) Morning in AntiQua   5.20 
2) Tales From Solitude Suite   13.39  
     I) A Silent Rite
     II) Tales from Solitude
     III) Crave some Loneliness
     IV) East or West?
3) L’amore   3.41  
4) Nessie Revealed   3.34
5) Falling   9.17  
    I) Falling
   II) Celestial Slowfall
6) Dimlit Tavern   5.18
7) Nirayed’s Secret Diary   3.13
8) AntiQua   5.46
9) AntiQua’s Evening   1.27