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The Swiss neo-progressive rock band Clepsydra returned on stage in 2014 after 14 years of absence. On May 2nd Clepsydra performed on the stage of the Majestic Theatre in Gettysburg, PA, USA, and the show was recorded. On April 20th 2015 Galileo Records will release the first live recording of the band on DVD (Dolby Digital, NTSC) featuring the full uncut concert in its 127 minutes length with the addition of a bonus giving insights of all the 2014 concerts, backstage and bandcam recordings showing the life on the road.

Track List:
1. The Missing Spark
2. Alone
3. 4107
4. Tuesday Night
5. No Place For Flowers
6. The Nest
7. Travel Of Dream
8. Prisonners Voctory / The Last Grain
9. Moonshine on Heights
10. End Of Tuesday

Bonus: Clepsydra Reunion Tour 2014 Backstage and Bandcam

Dual Layer DVD, NTSC 16:9 Video, Region Free, Dolby Digital Stereo

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